Fashionary project started in 2009 - targets to bring efficiency to professional fashion designers and fellow fashionistas. Fashionary grew from a person's vision to a fashion sketchbook line. Fashionary is an on-going project and it will keep improving with trends and customer feedbacks.

Penter Yip, Director and Chief Editor

Vowed to bring convenient of both online and offline content for fashion designers, Penter Yip founded Fashionary and in 2009. He graduated from HK Polytechnic University and is currently working in art direction and brand management.
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Vikki Yau, Designer and Contributing Editor

Vikki was the winner of casual wear group in HK Young Fashion Designers’ Contest in 2008. After graduated from HK Polytechnic University, she became a freelance fashion designer. Her designs include womenswear, kidswear and fashion illustration.
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Karmuel Young, Contributing Editor

Karmuel graduated from the HK Polytechnic University and won the outstanding menswear award in 2007. After graduating, he worked for Ute Ploier in Vienna and Damir Doma in Paris. Karmuel works as menswear designer currently.
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Ronnie Tung, Contributing Editor

Ronnie graduated from the HK Polytechnic University with a multi-award winning collection in 2006. She served her apprenticeship in a major manufacturing firm specialized in menswear design and won the HK Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (Contemp. Daywear) in 2009.
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