New Retail Stores

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We are so glad that we will have Project No.8a (New York), I.T (Hong Kong) and Symphony (Dubai) to carry Fashionary.

Thanks Kersti, Noel, Salama, Ronnie, Karmuel and Vikki for your support!

Project No.8a / Ace Hotel

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No. 8a is one of the best New York’s curated shops. Facing north along 29th Street, No. 8a is the second offshoot of Lower East Side boutique Project No. 8, founded by partners Brian Janusiak and Elizabeth Beer. Like its downtown counterparts, 8a is stocked with a mélange of understated cool and cutting edge labels.

Quote from Papermag

No. 8a / Ace Hotel
22 W. 29th Street
New York, NY 10001

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