Best Gift Guide for People in Fashion Industry

What present should you get for all the beloved fashion people in your life to express your thankful, blessing and grateful? Let our editors help. To make it even easier on you, we've also rounded up and categorized the items and describe how this fit in their design journeys. 

In order to present the best gift to the one you beloved, we could provide the gift wrapping with the hand-written card with your birthday/thank you message, you could just simply write it in the note when you check out with the message you want to say to your design friends.

Take a look at our recommendation!

  1. Fashionpedia
  2. The Fashion Business Manual
  3. Poses for Fashion Illustration - Womens
  4. Sketchbooks Collection
  5. Miniature Set
  6. The Hidden Facts of Fashion
  7. The Lives of 50 Fashion Legends

What is it?

Fashionpedia is literally the encyclopedia of fashion- it is all-inclusive, informative, and easy to read. Fashionpedia is a visual dictionary that includes over 1,000 style names, terminologies, anatomies and jargon commonly used in the fashion industry, aid with precise line illustrations.

There are a total of 9 chapters, including 3 chapters of apparel, garment detail, and accessory style libraries. As well as one chapter each for everything about historical fashion styles and timeline, knowledge about textile, sewing and manufacturing, body and beauty, and measurement and caring.

You can take a look at all the pages here.

Who is it for?

Fashionpedia can be very useful for designers who need to deal with manufacturers or buyers, as experienced manufacturers tend to use a lot of jordans and expect designers to know them as well, Fashionpeida may save them from misunderstandings and errors during communication.

Meanwhile, as Fashionpedia has a very huge and complete library, designers and students can use it as a style reference book and design inspiration during idea development.

For whoever is interested in fashion design, Fashionpedia can be a getting-started book for these people to take a glimpse of this industry. Although Fashionpedia is first designed for insiders, with the support of illustrations that visualizes complicated knowledge into easy-understanding infographics, this book is extensive yet very easy to read for everyone.


What is it?

The Fashion Business Manual covers the 6 business topics every business owner needs to know, including Branding, Product Development, Wholesaling, Marketing, Retailing and Stating up a brand, with 7 useful business template supporting, such as sales confirmation, range plan, invoice, line sheet, etc. 

This easy-understanding visual guide has shown the whole picture of the fashion business world with the aid of coloured illustrations and graphics, converting difficult and complicated business theories into more digestible and practical advice and tips from insiders and experts to save beginners from many common mistakes.

Who is it for?

Fashion Designer - FBM has illustrated a complete picture of the fashion business industry for designers who lack business knowledge and experience to have a quick understanding before they start. The tips and advice can help beginners save time and resources by teaching them to work smart and avoiding common mistakes. 

It is the guidebook that every beginner who wants to start from scratch to follow step-by-step.

Fashion Entrepreneur /Business owner/Operators - As a complete guidebook, FBM serves the function as a checklist and reminder for fashion businessmen, or whoever that is more-or-less experienced in business, to make sure if the company is on the right track, or if there is anything missing and can be done better. 

FBM can also help them to have a better, all-round understanding of every post, even if they might not be an expert in specific fields, at least they will know what they are spending for.

Fashion Marketers/Blogger/Editors - For people who relies of providing fashion-related information and attracting readers on their blog as a living, FBM can offer actual information and insights for these people about how fashion company works, as well as the value and duty of every role involved in this industry, without needing them to actually experience working in a fashion company. 

What is it?

Poses for Fashion Illustration is a deck of 100 fashion figure template cards tailor-made for fashion illustrations, with a user guide booklet beautifully demonstrated by fashion illustrator Connie Lim.

Based on the postures’ style and body type of each pose, the 100 templates has divided into 12 different categories, including Basic, Casual, Freedom, Glamour, Confidence, Athletic, Dramatic, Lounging, Maternity, Plus size, Portrait, and Technical, all categories include front, side, half side, and back view poses.

All the template figures are aligned in the same 9 head proportion, marked with orange contour lines as a guideline. Each pose comes with a mirror image at the back of the card for more flexible usage.

Who is it for?

Poses for fashion Illustration can help beginners who have no idea how to human form to create an accurate and stylish fashion illustration at a very short time, as the templates are all ready-to-use and created in an accurate posture and proportion, beginners can easily trace out the figure and add their design on top. The abstract facial features and orange contour lines can help avoid people from drawing the garment details and accessories at the wrong position as well.

For fashion designers or design students who have basic knowledge in drawing, Poses for fashion Illustration not only helps them to speed up drawing progress, but also serves the function of a reference library, as it includes variety of styles and poses that basically fits all the needs of a designer; from basic street style to dramatic editorial poses, couture to sportswear, designers can always find the right pose, or even mix-and-match to enrich their portfolio.

There is a Portrait category that enlarges the upper torso, which is not only useful for designers to present garment details more clearly but also suitable to showcase accessories and jewelry on the body, making the presentation board more sophisticated.


What is it?

As its name indicates, Fashionary sketchbook is a sketchbook combining the element of Fashion, Dictionary, and Diary into one book, it is the first sketchbook in the world tailor-made for designers, with extensive fashion information and figure templates to do quick sketching on every page. 

All Fashionary sketchbooks come in both men and women version, it includes a mini fashion dictionary that includes most commonly used information during design, such as measurements and spec sheet templates, etc, and figure templates are in orange dotted line, which is barely visible after finishing sketching.

What’s worth mentioning is that the Portfolio series is made from 160gsm bleed proof paper, which means designers can do rendering with watercolor or markers directly on the sketchbook right after they finish sketching. And with the figure templates are aligned in 4 standard standing poses, easily transforms designers’ sketchbook into a presentation board. 

Who is it for?

Fashionary sketchbook series is the perfect tool for every fashion designer and fashion student. The iconic orange dotted line templates are specially developed in the proportion best for designers to do sketching without worrying about the body figure, the silhouette comes without too many details and facial features allows designers to develop their own model style and switch between back and front view. 

The mini fashion library is also very useful for designers to reference after finishing their design, they may jot down the specs and measurement, or other technical terms needed for their collection on it, developing their collection into a more complete presentation board.

While the A5 sketchbook is very handy to bring along, designers can do sketching when ideas come up, even on the streets, the A4 sketchbook and Portfolio comes with larger size figure templates, allowing designers to draw more sophisticated details and designs.

 What is it?

This spectacular set includes the 2 most best-selling Fashionary book and sketchbook which revolutionized fashion designers’ lives: Fashionpedia & Fashionary Sketchbook which with 100% same content in pocket size. A perfect gift set for fashionistas to collect!

It is great for: 

It is great for designers for carrying out all the time for the quick sketch and reference,

Miniature Sketchbook with the blended figure templates which able for designers to drop the ideas all the time.

Miniature Fashionpedia the visual dictionary which great for designers for brainstorming and reference any time, any moment.

What is it?

The Hidden Facts of Fashion is a book covering 80 apparel-related stories, facts, and tips, it includes 7 categories of facts about the industry, color, outer, top, bottom, intimate and fashion hacks.

Illustrated with memorable photographs and illustrations, every chapter tells a knowledgeable fact related to our daily clothing, from the secret of the size of your clothes to the color choice of a wedding dress, the origin of a jacket to life hacks to rescue your sweater, it is a combination of trivia, history, knowledge, industry practices and phenomena, myth-busting, and tips into one book.

Who is it for?

The Hidden Facts of Fashion is a book that suits basically everyone, as it teaches knowledge with a fun and playful perspective, making sure the content is easily understandable for everyone.

This book can enrich readers’ knowledge towards fashion and apparel, that fashion is not only about fancy clothes, especially for designers and fashion students, as these facts and knowledge are seldom mentioned in books and taught in class, knowing those unexpected stories and background could also be a good inspiration and way to refresh designers’ mind. 

As for ordinary people who are interested in fashion, even only very little, this book is not only a casual reading book to kill time, the facts they learn from this book can become the perfect conversation starter, as the facts are all about garments or phenomena closely related to, or often heard in everyone’s daily life, they could be used to break the ice with other people.

What is it?

The Lives of 50 Fashion Legends is a visual biography that features the legendary lives of 50 recognizable and influential fashion designers of the 20th century, starting from designers born around the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and the 60s. 

From birth to death, the lives of each designer has been condensed into a 2-paged graphic timeline that is easier to read and remember, every ups and downs, turning points, or great incidents in their lives are presented with vivid illustrations and symbols. 

At the back, there is a Statistic chapter, listing out interesting numbers and data, such as what subject did these 50 designers graduated from, their previous occupation, debut show city, age of having their first store, etc.

Who is it for?

For fashion designers, students or whoever is interested in knowing more about fashion, The Lives of 50 Fashion Legends could be a good stepping stone for them to start learning about the classics of the century, as every timeline and chapter has already summarized and highlighted the most essential points of each designer, portraying the general idea for readers in the easiest way.

With the support of the short historical background introduction, timelines in this book show the linkage between different incidents clearly, and tells how the social and historical background had influenced and formed designers’ style and value. It also leads readers to actually walk through and experience what designers had been through their whole life.

For whoever wants to start their career in fashion but still hesitates, this book could be a inspiring path reference, as the 50 completely different lives and career paths of these classic designers have already proven that there is no one absolute method leading to success, no matter what background they are from, well-trained or not, it’s never too late to start.

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