The Denim Manual

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  • The most comprehensive Denim book covering history, denim fabric, design, washing and care.
  • A complete collection of denim fabrics, washes, and terms.
  • Easy to understand, with over 700 illustrations and photos.
  • Covers insiders’ knowledge and tips to help you become a denim expert.
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  • Page: 208
  • Paper: 158 gsm Premium Paper
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  • Cover: Hard-cover


The Most Comprehensive Book for the Denim Industry

The Denim Manual covers every aspect of the denim industry including history, fabric, design, washes and care. It also explores the technical processes and terms that are unique to the industry, and includes many insider tips and insights. This timeless encyclopedia will immerse you in the world of denim, so you may understand and appreciate its meaning, its history, its value, and the fascinating stories behind it.

A True Understanding of Denim

Denim is a complex and special fabric with a rich historical and cultural heritage. In this comprehensive book, you will discover the meaning and value of denim throughout history and acquire lots of practical knowledge, expertise and terminology in a concise manner.


A Complete Collection of Denim Fabric

The Denim Manual contains one of the world’s most complete denim libraries to show you all the characteristics of the fabric and ways to identify and apply them. With the assistance of experts and industry insiders, the book will guide you through the terminology used in the denim industry.

  • 3 x 1 twill denim vs. 2 x 1 twill denim
  • Sanforized vs. Unsanforized
  • Ring denim vs. OE denim
  • Natural Indigo vs. Synthetic Indigo
  • And much more…

Denim Wash Library

Denim is a unique fabric. Its versatility means you can create endless possibilities with the washing process. The Wash Library illustrates and explains dry, wet, chemical and mechanical processes, so you can learn how to produce many different styles, looks and special effects.

Rich Visuals

We know that readers appreciate visuals, so we’ve incorporated more than 700 illustrations, photos, charts and diagrams that make learning easy and pleasurable.


Chapter 1 - Denim Throughout the Decades

The book walks you through the history of denim with an entertaining and easy-to-follow timeline. Important milestones contain illustrations and key notes, so you can understand the evolution of denim at a glance.

  • The Origin of Denim
  • Important Denim Events from 1600s to 1800s

Chapter 2 - Denim the Fabric

There are many types of denim, and each one lends itself to different construction and finishes. in this chapter, we teach you about all the most common types of denim.

  • Denim From Fiber to Fabric
  • How Yarns Affect Denim
  • Indigo Dyes
  • Raw Denim
  • Selvage Denim
  • Denim Fabric Library

Chapter 3 - Denim Design

The book also includes a Denim Design and Details Library of approximately 200 design elements. It serves as both an encyclopedia of every part of a denim garment, and a source of inspiration for your designs.

  • The Evolution of Jeans
  • Classic Denim and Contemporary Denim
  • Jeans Silhouettes
  • Design Components & Trimmings
  • Denim Sewing Machines

Chapter 4 - The Complete Denim Wash Library

Washing is a vital step in denim processing. This chapter lists all the processes, including dry and wet, with steps and tips. At the end of the chapter there is a Wash Library that details all the steps for creating different effects on denim garments.

  • Denim Washing Processes
  • Washing Types
  • Dry Process
  • Wet Process
  • Wash Library

Chapter 5 - Denim Garment Dyeing

Dyeing is performed on a finished item of clothing. In addition to achieving a wide range of shades, the method can result in unique patterns.

  • Garment Dyeing Step by Step
  • Common Dyeing Techniques
  • Dyeing Library

Chapter 6 - The Denim Maintenance Guide

Denim clothing has a tendency to fade, but the proper washing methods can prevent shrinkage and unintended fading. In this chapter, we suggest methods for cleaning and storing your denim to give it a long life.

  • To Wash or Not to Wash?
  • How to Maintain Denim
  • How to Wash Denim
  • How to Remove Stains
  • How to Store Denim

Book Design

Raw Denim Cover

The fabric used on the cover is a reactive-dyed denim, to prevent unnecessary fading. The white paint of the title represents the effect of white printing on denim pockets. And the edge of the book is foiled with copper inspired by the metal studs used on denim garments.


For Denim Lovers

The Denim Manual is to address the unique needs of denim lovers. We hope the book will give you a thorough understanding of the denim industry, and guide you through your own denim journey.

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