The Fashion Business Manual

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  • The world’s first visual guide for fashion business.
  • The manual covers branding, product development, wholesaling, retailing, setting up your business and form templates.
  • Business information is presented in short, easy to read paragraphs.
  • Practical advice is presented in a step-by-step guide with illustrated examples.
  • Size: 17cm (W) x 25cm (H) x 3.1cm (D)
  • Page: 216
  • Paper: 157 gsm Premium Paper
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It's not a traditional business book

The Fashion Business Manual is the world’s first visual manual for fashion business. It covers business topics including branding, production, marketing and retailing in an easy to read, visual format. Unlike traditional business books which emphasize philosophy and theory, this book focuses on the practical business skill set needed to survive in the fashion world.

Who is it designed for?

Fashion Designers
While fashion designers can be incredibly talented, they often lack the business skills to make it in the fashion world. Usually visually driven, many have never touched a business book which significantly hurts the success rate of their company. This highly-visual manual is here to change that!

Fashion Entrepreneurs
From creating branding to selling to customers, there is plenty to consider when running a fashion company. This manual aims to serve as your very own mentor, reducing the mistakes you make along the way. It’s also the perfect tool for improving your skills across a range of business areas.

People in the Fashion Industry
Fashion is business. Whether you’re the head designer or a sales assistant, a 360° understanding of industry can help you tackle issues faced in your day-to-day role. The extra knowledge can give you the upper hand, and maybe even a career boost, too.

Anyone interested in fashion or looking to get their foot in the industry’s door will benefit from reading this book. By presenting a balanced overview of business insight and know-how, it’ll help prepare you for your first steps into the fashion world.

Tailor-made for visually oriented people

The Fashion Business Manual is easy on the eyes. We’ve applied colorful graphics to every page, helping lead you through the flow of text boredom-free.


Chapter 1 - Branding

From creating your brand’s visual guidelines to learning how to define your customers, this chapter helps you perfect your fashion branding.

Chapter 2 - Product Development

From tech packs, label guides and determining your product’s country of origin, this chapter teaches you everything you need to know about creating garments.

Chapter 3 - Wholesaling

From joining a showroom to negotiating sales terms, this chapter covers all your bases when it comes to fashion wholesaling.

Chapter 4 - Marketing

From putting on a runway show to learning how to craft the perfect press release, this chapter covers all aspects of marketing.

Chapter 5 - Retailing

From how to charm customers to whether or not you should offer free returns, this chapter answers all your retail-related questions.

Chapter 6 - Starting your brand

From pitching to a potential investor to controlling your cash flow, this chapter will guide you in everything you need to know about setting up your company.

Chapter 7 - Form section

From lines sheets to sales confirmations, there is plenty of paperwork that needs to be filled out when running a fashion business. Here, we share the templates for each, so you know exactly how to compile every form professionally.


Easy to read

By breaking down lengthy information into short sentences, using step-by-step guides, and highlighting key words, we help you read about complex topics without losing your concentration.

Illustrated examples

A picture is worth a thousand words. We use illustrated examples to explain key information and practical scenarios quickly and clearly.


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