The Hidden Facts of Fashion

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  • A visual book reveals the little known facts and fascinating stories of fashion.
  • Brought to life with photographs and illustrations.
  • Gives you a deeper understanding of the fashion industry, in a fun way.
  • Easy to read, suitable for all people.
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Every piece of clothing has a story

The Hidden Facts of Fashion is a book that reveals the little known facts and fascinating stories of fashion, showing every small hidden details, right down to a button or the choice of color are specially designed for specific reasons, and uncover fashion industry phenomena and helpful hacks.

This book will make you a fashion expert - in a fun way

The Hidden Facts of Fashion is not just a book of random facts — it is a combination of fashion, fun, surprise, knowledge, and helpful hacks. This book will disrupt what you think you know about clothing. Once you’ve read it, you will never look at your wardrobe the same way.

Fun & Surprise
The Hidden Facts of Fashion shares stories — from the origin of a piece of clothing, the unique culture it represents, fun little titbits, urban myths, and more.

Knoweldge about Fashion
By revealing little known facts and fascinating stories, you will discover that every small, humble detail hidden in your garment, right down to a button or the choice of color, was once specially designed for specific reasons.


Facts about Industry

  • Size 8 in 1950 is much smaller than today's size 8
  • The better the economy, the shorter the skirt?
  • So how did skinny become “fashionable”?
  • The ridiculous pay gap between female and male models
  • Lipstick vs Haute Couture: Which makes more money?
  • Do you really get a better deal in luxury brand outlets?
  • Don’t be fooled by that messy clearance rack
  • and more...

Facts about Color

  • Blue for girls and pink for boys
  • Wear red on your first date!
  • Why surgeon doctors wear green scrub instead of white?
  • Who decided wedding dresses should be white?
  • Why are suits and tuxedos always in black?
  • Real ninjas don’t wear black
  • All kinds of collar, all kinds of work
  • and more...

Facts about Outer

  • Cardigan used to be military wear
  • The life jacket that looks like a bomb vest
  • Why you might not want to rely on that bulletproof vest…
  • Inuit's natural Gore-Tex coat
  • One jacket to keep smoke out of your pretty clothes
  • Why is the zipper on a biker jacket always diagonal?
  • 4 things you don't know about MA-1
  • and more...

Facts about Top

  • A garment of violent: WIFE BEATER!
  • What does the "tank" have to do with a tank top?
  • Fashion's million dollar fabric scraps
  • T-shirt = Tea shirt?
  • Why breton shirts have 21 stripes?
  • The hidden sponge in your sweatshirt!
  • Aloha! This casual shirt is courtroom-approved
  • and more...

Facts about Bottom

  • No blue jeans in North Korea!
  • What is the tiny pouch inside your jeans pocket for?
  • Bell bottoms were first worn by sailors, not disco dancers!
  • The pants that promote women's rights
  • Women wearing pants in Paris was technically illegal before 2013
  • Oxford bags are not bags
  • The "bad boy" way of wearing pants
  • and more...

Facts about Intimate

  • The Myth and Facts of Corset
  • Watch out! Her bra is going to explode!
  • Jockstrap + Joke = Sports bra
  • Men were first to wear sexy garters?!
  • Why did so many American women paint their legs during WW2?
  • The man who made wearing G-string in public "decent"
  • The Guardian of Virginity
  • and more...

Fashion Hacks

  • Should I wash my jeans?
  • A small piece of fabric might just save your garment
  • Beware! Static electricity on clothes could cause an explosion
  • Rescue your favourite clothes from pilling!
  • Bring velcro back to life!
  • Dry clean isn’t always the solution
  • DO NOT mix laundry detergent, fabric softener or sanitizer together!
  • and more...


Visual Oriented

Brought to life with photographs and illustrations, The Hidden Facts of Fashion will enrich your fashion knowledge across different topics, revealing phenomena, unexpected history, fun stories, and more.


Be Fun to Read

We hope this book will give you a deeper understanding of the fashion industry, allow you to look at your closest from with a new perspective, and — last but not least — be fun to read.

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