Panel Womens Figure

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  • Designed for bulk sketching
  • Perfect for continuous sketching & collaging
  • 54 womens front / back figure templates
  • 54 womens side templates
  • Perforation on each pages
  • Specs sheet & sketching samples attached
  • Size: 10cm (W) x 20.5cm (H)
  • 90cm when fully spread
  • Page: 108
  • Paper: 70 gsm Vanilla
  • Weight: 0.1kg
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The Most Flexible Sketchpad designed for Fashion Designers

Fashionary Panel is a new line of smart and stylish product developed for figure and flat drawings. It is perfect for sketching ideas, collaging and jotting down notes on the go. Each panel is folded into 9 accordion pages with a total of 8 panels in each pack.


Engineered for Bulk Fashion Sketching

The Fashionary Panel is designed for catering effective design flow of fashion designers. When fully spread, the panel can be one of the largest sketchpad in the world, providing continuous space for creative juice.

6 in a pack, total 108 pages

90cm when fully spread

Perforation in every pages

Front / Back / Side Templates

Same Size, Same Proportion

All sketching done on the Fashionary Panel Flat will be in the same size and proportion. Organising your sketches has not been so easy.

Sketches Gallery

Take a look at others' Fashionary sketches in Pinterest.

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