Tips of using Fashionary Sketchbooks

The Fashionary sketchbooks are combined with extensive fashion information and blended figure templates. It is the perfect tool for brainstorming, fast sketching and quick referencing.

Fast Sketching

Generally speaking, fashion design sketching is fast and loose. You start with a fundamental idea, take up a pen or pencil to paper and express your thoughts. With a Fashionary Sketchbook, you can draw even quicker with the pre-printed figure templates, focus on drawing the silhouettes and shapes without concerning for the figure proportion.

Fashion porfolio

An impressive portfolio is important for a fashion designer to present their works and collections. Fashionary sketchbook provides standard figure templates for designer to create a professional portfolio. Besides, collaging fabric swatches help to brainstorm your collection; Pantone color charts help to visualise your design ideas.


Christian Dior once said: “We invent nothing, we always start from something that has come before.” Visual research is an integral part of fashion design – the concept, theme or narrative of a collection is often derived from inspirational imagery. Fashionary can be a notebook gather all your visual research supported by an in-depth context of your visuals.

Recording WIP

Collage is the visual way to express the trends, inspiration and ideas. Collaging can help you to visualise the fashion ideas and be the mood board of a collection. By using Fashionary Sketchbook, you can jot down your inspiration, draw your sketches and all of the relevant pictures can be included. Fashionary sketchbook helps to assist designer record the full design process.


Fashion information, patterns, spec sheets in fashionary and fashion templates help you to communicate with all levels of fashion industries such as pattern makers, sewing teams and manufacturers, fashion buyers and clients without difficulties.

Pens & Pencils

Looking for a right pen or pencil to kick start illustration on Fashionary sketchbook? Here's our recommendation for pen: Faber-castell, Pilot, Copic, Sharpies and pencils: Daler Rowney, Mitsubishi, Caran d'ache, the pencil factory, Staedtler, Blackwing, Tombow, Lyra, Yokohama, Normann, Prismacolor.

Marker Pens

Marker pen is the most common drawing material for a fashion illustration. Certain brands such as Copic markers, Touch markers, Prismacolor, Winsor and Newton pigment markers and Chartpak working well on fashionary sketchbooks. However, there's a possibility that the paper may bleed through on multiple layers of coloring.


Watercolor is another common drawing material for professional fashion illustration. We recommend brands such as Winsor and Newton, M. Graham Watercolors, Daniel Smith extra fine water-colors, Schmincke Horadam artist watercolors, Daler-Rowney Artists' watercolors and Holbein artists watercolors as they all work well on Fashionary sketchbooks.

Button Measurement

The button size chart provides an accurate measurement of product dimensions. It also converts between inches and millimetres in an easy way.

Back Pocket

A practical pocket to keep your tiny pieces in one place, ideal to storage name cards, tickets, fabric swatch, sticky notes, receipts...etc.


Tips of using Fashionary Panel

Fashionary Panel is a new line of smart and stylish product developed for figure and flat drawings. It is perfect for sketching ideas, collaging and jotting down notes on the go. Each panel is folded into 9 accordion pages with a total of 8 panels in each pack.

Drawing different angles

TPaper Panel provides the front & side view on figure templates, which help a fashion designer to produce efficient drawing in a quicker way.

Line-up on the wall

The Paper Panel is the world's largest sketchpad when its fully spread, providing space to elevate your creativity. It is perfect to paste on a wall for showing off your upcoming new collection!

Fashion notes

It helps a designer to jot notes during the attendance on fashion show, fashion event and tradeshow.

Communicate with production team

With 108 womens top flat templates and 54 womens bottom flat templates, you can draw your designs with flat panel and communicate with the manufacturers by the sketch. All flat drawings done on the Fashionary Panel Flat will be in the same size and proportion. Organising your sketches has not been so easy.

Moodboard Pinning

The flexibility of the each panel allow you to jot down notes, collaging, sketching ideas on the go, and paste on your presentation board instantly.

Fashionweek notepad

Perforation on each panel set allow you to tear off your individual illustration. It helps to style your particular outfits and collection.


Tips of using Fashionary Planner

The Fshionary Planner is a 16-month weekly planner with extensive fashion information in front. It is the perfect tool for everyday planning and quick referencing. The planner has no fixed day for more flexible usage.

Travel diary

The best travel notebook with all the schedules in details to fit your travel plans.

Daily schedule

Encourage to recording the daily meetings, facts and events, ideas development. It provides journaling space to reflect on your busy schedules.

Fashion week survival

A perfect notebook for people who working in the fashion industry, as it covered the date of trade fairs, fashion weeks, fashion brands. It is a survival guide for fashion designer, buyers, editors, reporters etc.

Fashionary Stickers

We help you to mark down some important dates and anniversaries. 2 stickers are included for these special days marking. Moreover, fashion sticker with the icon such on garments, headwear, shoes and accessories are tailor-made for Fashionary users.

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