Fashionary 10th Anniversary Bag

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10th Anniversary Bag

"See Through" Transparency


Our every Product, from 2008

Every single item we released from the very beginning will be found on the bag.


Our mission

Founded in 2008, FASHIONARY creates practical tools for fashion industry professionals. Suitable for people working across different areas of the industry and at a variety of career levels, our product scope includes a best-selling collection of sketchbooks and functional books, including a visual fashion dictionary, a business manual filled with everything you need to know about starting your own fashion brand, and a practical bag and shoe encyclopedia.

After 10 years, FASHIONARY has grown from a project into the global fashion publisher, distributed all around the world. Being on a mission: to create practical and timeless fashion tools, and continue to inform and inspire the fashion customers.


Special Packaging for Christmas

For each order, we will pack your Christmas gifts for free with

  • Fashionary Cotton Drawstring Bag
  • Fashionary Paperdoll Christmas Card

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