Tape Measure

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  • Marked with 57 runway models' body measurements
  • Perfect measurement reference for runway projects
  • Best for project with no models & mannequins
  • Womens measurements in cm side
  • Mens measurements in inch side
  • Length: 150cm / 60 inch
  • Color: Black & White
  • Material: Durable Fiberglass
  • Weight: 40g
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The World's 1st tape with marks of body measurements.

Feeling tired of checking body measurments when creating outfits? Those days have become history. We created the Fashionary Tape Measure which is the World 1st tape marked with advanced body measurements. Even if you do not have model or mannequin around you, you could easily refer to the body measurements marked on the tape instantly.


57 Measurements on Fashionary Tapes

  • cm side: 30 Womens Model's Body Measurements
  • inch side: 27 Mens Model's Body Measurements

1 of 30 Womens Measurements

1 of 27 Mens Measurements

Advanced Body Measurements

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