Womenswear Memopad

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  • Contains figure and technical templates
  • Perfect for creating mood boards & production plans
  • Water-resistant calico cover
  • Size: 9.7cm (W) x 20cmcm (H) x 2.1cm (D)
  • Page: 360
  • Paper: 80 gsm wood-free
  • Weight: 0.3kg
  • Cover: Soft-cover


Designed for Idea Mapping

The flexibility of the memo pad allows you to create your idea-mapping wall, laying out all the designs as well as allowing mixing, matching and rearranging. Developing your collection will be much easier – and much more fun.


The Aterlier Collection

The fundamentals of The Atelier Collection portrays a "Less is More" concept hence the minimalistic touch. The sketchbook speaks for authenticity on an exquisite artistry level. It provokes an individual's creativity with no boundaries, which is demonstrated from the subtle memopad appearance.


Easy for Mixing and Matching

The versatility of our Memopad facilitates your brainstorming process through mixing, matching drawings quick and easily. Elevate your efficiency and accuracy. With Fashionary templates, you can just focus on your ideas and unreveal the undiscovered emerging out from your stick & matching process.


Water-resistant Calico Cover

The cover is made from one of the most familiar fabrics for fashion designers- cotton calico. It also represents ideas, creation and development. The material forms a high durability water-resistant cover, exquisite quality intended to be used along your designing journey. Hence, the calico cover contains natural cottonseeds, giving every sketchbook that unique touch.


Figure Templates + Technical Templates

The memopad provides the flexibility for creating your collection.

  • Front Side - Women's Figure Templates
  • Flip Side - Women's Technical Templates


Organizing your Ideas

Make sure efficiency is on point as a busy fashion designer, time must be well utilized and organisation is the key. Fashionary templates are lightly printed on every sheet without you needing to worry about getting the accurate proportions on every one of your designs. Just focus on your ideas and forget about getting the right figures when it's all laid out for you.

Perfect Match with Fashionary Products

Memopad is designed to work in harmony with Fashionary sketchbooks & tools. Simply slip Fashionary Poses underneath the Memo sheet or sketchbooks and you can freely draw other dynamic poses and designs without feeling distracted.

Bulk Quantity

360 templates

Good ideas come from continuous sketching. With 180 memo papers and 360 templates, there is nothing to stop the creative flow.

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